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Last summer we had a blast unveiling Traverse City's new street piano downtown. The whole community enjoyed impromptu music from amateur and professional musicians, alike, at the corner of Front and Park Streets. This summer we'll be bringing back the street piano - bigger and better than ever. Stay tuned for information about an upcoming event!

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About the piano

We were in Denver recently and, while strolling the downtown streets, came upon a number of colorfully painted pianos in different parts of the city. These were more than pieces of street art, they were functioning musical instruments played spontaneously by passersby. We looked at each other with the same thought – something like this would be perfect in Traverse City.

So we got working on it. Being such a collaborative, community-oriented place, it wasn’t very hard to get the wheels in motion in Traverse City. One email to the folks at Downtown TC led to contact information for Jerry Snowden, owner of the Miller Snowden Development Group. One email to Jerry resulted in an enthusiastic response, a five minute meeting, an agreement to collaborate, and off we went.

What is one big reason Traverse City is such a great place to live and do business? It has a rich ecosystem of community-minded and collaborative business, civic and government leaders who have vision and the ability to execute.

The street piano is there to be played by all. We hope that there will be some planned performances, but mostly we envision the street piano to be a fun resource to be used by all – the talented and novice, alike!

Not only did we want to bring some musical art downtown, but visual art as well. Kudos to Heather who designed and painted the fun and whimsical motif on the piano.

“Music is a piece of art that goes in the ears straight to the heart.”