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Traverse City Startup: Building a Brand for Kids, Community and Love of Creativity

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Heather and I have reached the point where we’re starting to feel a great sense of urgency. “Life is short” is cliche, but there’s no doubt that time seems to be accelerating during this season in our lives.

I often write in this space about the importance of pursuing dreams and living boldly. One of the biggest fears that many people have, which is one that we share, is reaching the end of life with a sense of regret about dreams left on the table. The more awake we’ve become to what we want from life, the more conscious we’ve become to how short life really is....

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Down, Dirty and Delicious: Cooking Tips for Busy Families

There was a time, before we had kids, that Heather and I would unwind after a long workday in our kitchen and, glass of wine in hand, leisurely prepare a delicious dinner. Those days are over. There is nothing leisurely about dinnertime anymore. More often than not it’s a sprint to get something prepared before one of us has to get the kids off to an evening activity....

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Stop Making Resolutions (and Just Start!)

I’ve long abandoned the idea of setting and sticking with New Year resolutions. For me, it’s a futile exercise that inevitably results in failure and regret. I’m not a particularly disciplined person, so unless I really want to do something, it won’t happen. If I do want something, I just do it. I don’t wait until the new year to start. If I do wait, it’s a sign that I just don’t care that much....

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4 Tips to Make Skiing with Young Kids Fun for the Whole Family

Today is the first official day of winter, but there’s been no shortage of wintry weather already here in northern Michigan. When the flakes and freezing temps arrive, there are only two ways to deal: either hunker down inside or gear up and head out. With three young kids in our family, there’s no way we’re going to be trapped inside all winter, so as often as possible we pull on our snow pants and coats and get outside for some winter fun....

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Pursuing Passions and Chasing Dreams

In 1995, Angie Hicks was a twenty-two year old recent college graduate living and working in Columbus, Ohio. Her boss asked her to find a reliable construction contractor for work he needed done on his house. She couldn’t find any good resources, so she decided to start a business that published a printed directory of contractors and other home repair vendors.

She began going door-to-door selling subscriptions to her directory to her neighbors. She sold all day, and answered phone calls in a 200 square foot office all evening. Today, Angie’s List is a public company and the largest home vendor...

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