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Traverse City’s Breweries Untapped: Introducing a New Field Guide

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Is there anything more enjoyable than an IPA or Amber Ale on a beautiful autumn afternoon? Rhetorical question – of course there isn’t! And there’s no place better to enjoy a beer than Traverse City.

With abundant hops farms, incredible brewing talent, and new breweries popping up every year, Traverse City is the ideal place to explore and experience Northern Michigan’s booming beer culture....

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“Fall-ing” in Love with Mackinac Island

Autumn is a magical time in Michigan. The air is crisp and the forest canopy is lit up with brilliant shades of red, yellow and orange. It’s a time to steal a few more days of warm temps and outdoor adventures – in running shoes rather than snow shoes.

October is also a time when Heather and I traditionally escape for a quick getaway without the little ones (thanks Grandma!). The last few years we’ve jumped on a plane and headed to out-of-state destinations – the Smoky Mountains in eastern Tennessee for beautiful surroundings and exquisite food at Blackberry Farm, and...

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Culture, Creativity and Craftsmanship Fuel the Growth of a (not so) Small Town in Northern Michigan

“It’s changed so much in the last ten years.”

This is what I frequently hear from those who have lived in Traverse City far longer than I have. Some say it regretfully, wistful for the days when the town was a sleepier, slower place. But most marvel at the growth and dynamism of its current incarnation....

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Hiking in Pictured Rocks, Camping in Pictured Rocks, backpacking in Pictured Rocks, Hiking the north country trail, backpacking in the Upper Peninsula, beginner's guide to backpacking

Picture Perfect: A Beginner’s Guide to Hiking Through Pictured Rocks

It didn’t start out very well. Within ten minutes of hitting the trail, my friend Steve and I had both slipped on wet patches of dirt and rock and ended up on our backs. We were both a bit unsteady and unaccustomed to the weight of 50 pound packs on our backs, and our overconfidence had led us to stumble. Okay, it was time to focus. Otherwise this was going to be a very long hike....

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Exploring the Farms and Orchards of Northwest Michigan this Fall

While growing up downstate in metro Detroit, a visit to a farm or orchard in the fall was an annual tradition involving a long car ride into the rural areas that ring the city. We climbed trees, picked fruit (often eating as much as we picked) and topped it off with cinnamon donuts fresh out of the fryer. We returned home with bags brimming with apples – tart and tangy, sweet and juicy. As is probably true for most of us, these fall farm adventures were some of the fondest memories of my youth.

Now that we live in Traverse City, a...

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