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The Delicate Balance of Raising a Child in the Digital and Real World


When I was a young kid, a car that had a CD player in it was considered cutting-edge. At 16, I remember sitting shotgun while my friend drove by our high school while holding the receiver to a bag phone – a big, heavy cellular phone with a cord housed in a fake leather bag – to his ear. We got a lot of looks, which is exactly what we wanted.

The pace of technological advancement in automobiles has continued to accelerate. I consider myself a reasonably competent consumer of technology, but can barely keep up with all of the new features in cars....

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Stepping Back in Time at Sleeping Bear Dunes

One thing that you can count on is that there is always more to discover at the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. From secret beach spots to amazing overlook points, the adventures are endless in this national treasure.

We spend as much time as we can in Sleeping Bear. Most of our visits are centered around swimming, paddle boarding and Petoskey stone hunting at one of the beautiful Lake Michigan beaches located there. We also enjoy checking out some of the more historical aspects of Sleeping Bear, such as the town of Glen Haven. ...

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The obstacle is the way, what stands in the way is the way, stoicism, overcoming obstacles, tackling challenges, traverse city, obstacle to opportunity

Obstacle to Opportunity: A Book, a Blog, a Parable, and a Podcast to Help Get Unstuck

I’m working on a new book, and despite all of the summer distractions (I’m a sucker for distractions) the first draft is about 75% complete. Of course, 75% done with the first draft means I have about 90% of the work left. But hey, progress.

The book is a manifesto meant to help first year lawyers get off to a fast start in their careers. Working on the book has dredged up lots of memories of my own time as a young lawyer. It was an exciting time, although difficult. My legal career was marked by fits and starts. I practiced...

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72 Hours of Fun and Adventure in the Upper Peninsula: Announcing a New Field Guide

Another perfect weather weekend in northern Michigan has come and gone (ho hum), and the relentless march of time proceeds, unabated. But while Labor Day may be around the corner, there’s still plenty of time for adventures this summer. And few places are adventurous as Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

To help you plan your U.P. adventure, we’ve prepared our newest Field Guide: 72 Hours of Fun and Adventure in the Upper Peninsula. Download a copy of this interesting and insightful U.P. resource – chock full of stunning photos and insider tips – by visiting our Field Guides page....

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Traverse City, kids learning on summer break, kids slacking off during summer, improving education for kids, kids learning from nature

Are Your Kids Slacking Off this Summer? Don’t Stress Out, They May be Learning More Than You Think

This is a post about a parent’s guilt. Or, better put, it’s a post that calls into question what parents feel guilty about, and why.

Yesterday was the first day of August, which means that, for millions of parents across the country, it’s time to start thinking seriously about getting the kids back to school. This includes shopping for back-to-school clothes and supplies, and getting the kids back on some semblance of a schedule in preparation for the early morning school bell....

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