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Exploring the Farms and Orchards of Northwest Michigan this Fall

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While growing up downstate in metro Detroit, a visit to a farm or orchard in the fall was an annual tradition involving a long car ride into the rural areas that ring the city. We climbed trees, picked fruit (often eating as much as we picked) and topped it off with cinnamon donuts fresh out of the fryer. We returned home with bags brimming with apples – tart and tangy, sweet and juicy. As is probably true for most of us, these fall farm adventures were some of the fondest memories of my youth.

Now that we live in Traverse City, a trip to a farm or orchard is no longer a “one and done” annual event. It’s more of a routine element of our weekly grocery shopping process....

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Traverse City, Scavenger Hunt, Traverse City Family activities, outdoor fun with kids

Join Us on October 8 for “Traverse the City” – A Scavenger Hunt of Historic Proportions!

The town of Provo, Utah currently holds the Guiness World Record for organizing the largest scavenger hunt in history with 2,079 participants. Now, a world record may be a bit ambitious, but we’re hoping to have an awesome turnout at the upcoming event we are hosting with our friends at The Little Fleet.

Life and Whim and Traverse City’s favorite neighborhood hangout, The Little Fleet, are pleased to announce “Traverse the City” – A Scavenger Hunt of Historic Proportions! This FREE, family-friendly affair  will be an exciting way to explore Traverse City in a new way....

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Traverse City, getting kids to school, morning routines for kids, getting kids out the door

Dear Principal: It’s Not Our Fault!

It has been exactly one week since school started. If you have school-aged children, then you probably feel similar to the way we do: Personally satisfied and somewhat exhausted. It’s tough getting the kids ready, out the door, and to school on time after a long summer break.

So far so good. Our girls have made it on-time, fully clothed and fed each day....

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Importance of habits and routines, Traverse City, secrets of success, how to get ahead

Potential and Hard Work are Table Stakes. In the Game of Life, Habits and Routines are What Really Matter.

It’s comforting to assume that great things are accomplished by those innately blessed with natural talent, skill and good fortune. If I believe that certain people are predestined for greatness, then it makes my own mediocrity more palatable.

But it’s a false comfort. What happens when reality strikes, and I'm forced to confront that, with rare exceptions, we all have simiIar potential and capacity for achievement? That means I must take ownership over my successes and failures....

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One More Shot at Summer: 5 Secluded Beaches in the Sleeping Bear Dunes

The crunch of the gravel road under your tires means you’re getting close. Towering pines loom over you as you drive in seclusion, save for the car full of excited children and inflatable water toys. Only a few cars are present – and scattered haphazardly – in the makeshift parking area at the end of the road. There may or may not be an outhouse there....

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