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The Rules to Raising Creative Kids (Hint: There are None)

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When it comes to coaching kids, I have a bit of a split personality. One is public, the other is more private. My public persona is that of “Mr. Laid Back Dad.” I say things like: “Hey, I just want the kids to have fun. That’s all that matters!”. This sentiment is real. The angel on my shoulder truly wants the kids I coach to, first and foremost, have lots of fun. I even wrote a whole post extolling the virtues of this approach.

But there’s a devil on my other shoulder (which I do my best to suppress) that cares deeply about winning. Heather and I are both competitive people. This past weekend we had the opportunity to recount for someone why we don’t play tennis (or darts, thumb-war, etc.) with each other any longer. It usually doesn’t end well....

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Traverse City Startup Story: Constraints, Comparisons, and Introducing a Partner

February 13, 2017

Constraints = Creativity

One of our favorite things about our new business is that it’s so heavily design oriented. In the lead up to our launch, we’re redesigning elements of our brand, our website, our new mobile shop, product packaging and, of course, all of the clothing and other accessories that we’ll be offering come spring. ...

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Providence Organic Farm: A Story of Faith, Family and a Love of Fresh, Organic Food

Julia Child once said: “You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces – just good food from fresh ingredients.” When it comes to fresh food, we have an abundance of riches here in northern Michigan.

Much of that food is produced on small, family run farms using organic and sustainable farming techniques. All year round we enjoy perusing and purchasing the fresh produce available at the Sara Hardy Famers Market in Traverse City....

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Traverse City Startup Story: Inspiration, Conspiracy, and Introducing Susie Q

When Ignorance is Bliss

The “rose colored glasses” phenomenon is probably a good thing when it comes to entrepreneurship. If someone could have perfect foresight and know what they’re getting into before starting something new, they may never move forward in the first place. It’s only after taking a leap of faith, when you’re knee-deep in the muck and have crossed the point of no return that the difficulty of the path usually becomes clear. One of the biggest lessons we’ve learned during our startup journey so far is how much there is to learn! The learning curve is steep, and...

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Traverse City Startup Story: Be Afraid, Then Do it Anyway

Fear is a paradox. On the one hand, it’s what prevents some people from living out their dreams. On the other, it’s fuel for a life well lived. We’re biologically programmed to run from fear. But the truth is that many of the best things in life happen when we run straight at it.

Overcoming fear is one of the fundamental threads of the hero’s journey. This construct – recoiling from fear, then overcoming it – is woven into the fabric of almost every great work of literature and cinema. It’s a powerful and compelling storytelling device because it’s a pervasive condition of...

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