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Traverse City Startup Story: Announcing Our Charitable Partner and Revealing a Unique, New Service

Several months ago we began documenting our Startup Story in a post in which we shared the mission and values of our new business. As a refresher, they include:

– To build a brand that is lovingly designed and handcrafted in Michigan, and reflects our passion for design and the great outdoors.
– To create things that empower and inspire people, especially kids, to be creative, imaginative and have fun while immersed in nature.
– To prioritize quality and craftsmanship in everything we do and make.

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Before Setting Off on Life’s Journey, Shake the Pebbles from Your Shoe

The other day I woke up to the sounds of birds chirping outside my window, and brilliant hues of pink and orange beginning to illuminate the eastern horizon. I felt healthy, after struggling for several days with a stomach bug. My family was healthy, too.

We were coming off a great spring break trip to Florida, where we had the chance to hang out with friends, and we were preparing to visit friends and family downstate and in Ohio for a long Easter weekend....

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North Country Trail, hiking Traverse City, Grand Traverse Hiking Club, Hiking with kids

An Up North Treasure: Hiking the North Country Trail

When she was twenty-two years old, Cheryl Strayed’s life was in shambles. She had lost her mother to cancer, her family splintered and her own marriage ended. At twenty-six, she made the impulsive decision to embark on an epic journey. Ill-prepared and poorly equipped, she set out on a quest to hike the Pacific Crest Trail from the Mojave Desert through California and Oregon to Washington State. She completed the more than 1000-mile journey by herself, and finished tattered but triumphant....

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Traverse City Startup Story: Introducing a New Outdoor, Imaginative Product for Kids!

We’ve been really focused over the last few months sprinting toward the launch of our shop later this spring. Because it’s been such an intense period, the launch itself feels like the finish line. But the truth, of course, is that the launch is just the starting line of a marathon, not the finish line of a sprint. This is a perspective that we’re really trying to keep at the top of our minds.

Indeed, maintaining a present state of mind is critical to succeed in any endeavour. “Success” in this context does not mean achieving fame or fortune, however. It...

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Traverse City spring activities, family fun in Traverse City, Traverse City bucket list, spring family fun, what to do in Traverse City, hunting petoskey stones, guide to old mission peninsula

Traverse City Family-Friendly “Bucket List” for Spring

March has been a bit wintry here in Traverse City, so it was a great relief to wake up Sunday morning and see that Mother Nature was going to be granting us a bit of a reprieve. I’m a big skeptic of the iPhone weather app – been burned too many times – but I was willing to buy into the 48 degrees and sunny forecast for the day.

With the mercury rising, and the official start of spring only a day away, the kids and I decided to head out for a hike while Heather headed out to run errands...

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