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24 Traverse City Brands We Love

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The beauty of Traverse City lies in its lakes, forests and meadows. It’s also reflected in its brands. Traverse City’s entrepreneur’s express their creativity not only through their food, products and events, but also through the brand experiences they create for their customers. From beautiful visual identities and packaging, to stunning architecture and interior design, to great playlists piping through sound systems, there’s more to shopping and dining out in Traverse City than, well, shopping and dining out. Walking through the doors of many Traverse City establishments is an experience in itself....

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The Importance of Establishing Family Holiday Traditions

One of our favorite holiday traditions is to watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation at some point during December. Can you ever get enough of cousin Eddie in his periwinkle blue suit sitting down for turkey dinner and remarking, “Save the neck for me, Clark.”?

That said, it’s not a family-friendly tradition. It may not be Bad Santa, but Christmas Vacation is definitely not PG enough for little kids. While it may not be appropriate for family viewing, Christmas Vacation does, however, highlight some of the best holiday traditions, one of which is the family outing to cut down a Christmas tree....

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A Love Letter to Future Family Meals

We're thrilled to bring you an awesome guest post today by Lisa Maxbauer Price.

I used to dread Thanksgiving.

On the big day, when it was all hands on deck and all burners firing, I would procrastinate. My husband Matt would be tending the turkey and I’d be dawdling in the dining room overthinking that year’s tablescape. (That’s a word, right?)...

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By Giving Less, We Often Give More

Next week is Thanksgiving, and as we all learned as children, and as we teach our own, it’s a time to give thanks for life’s blessings. It’s also a time to give of ourselves to those we love, and to those who are less fortunate.

Giving is good. That sounds like an uncontroversial truism, and in most ways it is incontrovertibly true. But not always. Giving, unrestrained, helps neither the giver nor the taker. It’s a complicated issue, the stuff of philosophical debate for all time. But as is often the case when it comes to complexity, it’s an issue best...

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5 Tips for Raising Kids that Love the Great Outdoors

Temps were in the mid-60’s and sunny all weekend, so those projects we put off all summer only to get to in the fall could wait a bit longer. There’s no way we were going to be organizing closets or installing shelves in the garage when we could be outside enjoying the last gasp of rich color in the trees and brilliant blue sky.

It was a great weekend spent hosting friends from Colorado came to town to ride in the Iceman Cometh mountain bike race through the Vasa Trail system. Over 5,000 participants descended on Traverse City for the race,...

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