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The Creative Process

From every stitch and seam we sew, to every word and phrase we write, all that we do is for the love of our craft. However, we know it’s easy to simply talk about craftsmanship, but much harder to build a brand driven by craftsmanship. That’s why we want to give you a deeper look at what goes into making Life and Whim's products high quality and made to last.

Enamel Pins

Our hard enamel pins are wearable, tradable and collectible. They are inspired by the people, places and things (animals, too!) that we love about Northern Michigan. But we didn’t create these exclusively on our own. We also “crowd-sourced” opinions from others about their favorite pin designs before we went into pin production. See what goes into making an awesome “Up North” pin!



After designing many of the other components of our collection, it only seemed natural to add a headwear piece to the mix. We’re thrilled with how our reversible headscarf collection turned out! Check out how fun fabrics and quality construction come together to create an adorable accessory.


North Country Capes

Our capes are made from cozy polar fleece and Minky faux fur in a variety of patterns and colors. They make kids feel creative and adventurous in nature. It was quite a process to bring these capes to market. They are a completely unique in design and construction, and we had lots of fun getting our capes from a sketch to a finished product.


Susie Q
Mobile Shop & Bar

While we’re an ecommerce brand, we don’t relish time spent behind the computer. So in order to get out and about, and mix with our customers and friends, we created a flexible space that allows us to host events – a pop-up shop for us and mobile bar for others. Susie Q is a vintage 1968 Williams Craft 16-foot camper that was completely restored and transformed into a dynamic, multi-functional retail and entertainment space.


The Fairy Trails Adventure Guide

A big part of our mission is to inspire kids to get outside, making and building in the real world (instead of inside behind a screen!), and so we created a book – inspired by our experience building the Fairy Trails – in hopes of getting children to fall in love with outdoor play. It’s part coloring book, part field guide, and 100 percent fun for kids who love the great outdoors. Take a peek at what went into creating the book!