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Sometimes You Have to Move Back in Order to Move Forward

It was the first snowfall of the season, not a massive amount but enough to make it tough for the plow trucks to keep up. And it was falling during morning rush hour, such as it is in Traverse City. Heather finished loading our three girls into the car – click!, click!, click! – and headed for school drop-off. Our five year old Madison’s school is at the top of a hill and there is a single road of entry – Hill Street – to the school’s parking lot. Heather took our usual route that morning, turning carefully onto Hill at a point halfway up the hill. Stuck. We planned pretty carefully for our move to Traverse City, but one pretty big oversight was that the vehicle we primarily use to get the kids around is not particularly good in the snow. Heather feels a bit more strongly about its snow ineptitude. So she’s stuck, giving it gas, wheels...

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