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Traverse City’s Breweries Untapped: Introducing a New Field Guide

Is there anything more enjoyable than an IPA or Amber Ale on a beautiful autumn afternoon? Rhetorical question – of course there isn’t! And there’s no place better to enjoy a beer than Traverse City.

With abundant hops farms, incredible brewing talent, and new breweries popping up every year, Traverse City is the ideal place to explore and experience Northern Michigan’s booming beer culture.

Today we are releasing our newest Field Guide: Traverse City’s Breweries Untapped. With Traverse City Beer Week coming up from November 11-17, now is the perfect time to start planning your trip to Traverse City’s best breweries. Click here to visit our Field Guide page and download your free copy of the Field Guide!

This Field Guide was a lot of fun to put together (of course!). In it we highlight the Traverse City region’s many breweries so that you can experience for yourself one of the region’s top draws. From Stormcloud in Frankfort, to Short’s in Bellaire, there’s great beer and food to try during a weekend of brewery-hopping. Even if you’re not a beer lover, learning about the craftsmanship involved in brewing a great batch of beer is worth the visit.

Indeed, we’ve learned that Traverse City’s breweries are about much more than great beer. Many, such as Hop Lot Brewing Company and The Filling Station, are family-friendly hangout spots where kids can play cornhole or in a sandbox while their parents enjoy a beer and meal with friends. Others are epicenters of cultural activity in town. The Workshop Brewing Company, for example, frequently opens its doors to host events and after-parties for groups such as TEDx Traverse City, National Writer Series and Here:Say. And, as you might expect in a foodie town like Traverse City, many serve delicious eats alongside their great beers.


Finally, Traverse City’s breweries are places of creative inspiration. Brewing beer is a science, but it’s mostly an art. And the art extends beyond the brewing. As we wrote in a previous post, breweries such as North Peak Brewing Company, Short’s Brewing Company, and Right Brain Brewery put as much focus on developing well-designed brands as they do well-designed beers.

Traverse City’s breweries know that beer tastes better in a beautiful bottle or can.

We’ve detailed lots of great information about Traverse City’s breweries for you in this Field Guide – we hope you enjoy it, and more importantly enjoy the beer. Download your free copy here. Cheers!