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How to Run a Virtual Business from Anywhere – Even (No, Especially) from Traverse City

When we first started fantasizing about moving to Traverse City, we kept bumping up against a brick wall: We could live there, but how could we make a living? Big problem. We could never get past the fantasy phase if we couldn’t figure out how to make a buck.

It’s a problem that many people face when looking to start over in a small town, particularly one that is a popular vacation spot. Real estate prices are high, but there aren’t as many high paying jobs available as there are in high population centers of business and commerce.

Our situation was a bit different – we didn’t have jobs, but we had a business. And our business had a building, employees who all lived in metro Detroit, and clients primarily located in Southeast Michigan. ...

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Is Our “Busyness” Sabotaging Our Creativity?

About 14 months ago I started writing a book. It’s done now, save for final production and page layout. It’s business non-fiction and focuses on how lawyers can build profitable legal practices through creative differentiation. My publisher began taking pre-orders for it this morning. Fingers crossed.

The process was quite a whirlwind. Starting the book was hard - getting that first word on the page was a mighty struggle - and finishing it was a killer. Moving our home and business at the same time didn't help matters. But it's done, I’m proud of the final product and I'm about 10,000...

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Making Friends in a Small Town

One of the hardest things about moving to Traverse City was leaving behind a great community and great friends; lifelong friends who we grew up with, and whose kids have grown up with ours. We’re committed to maintaining and growing these friendships despite our move, although we know it will take work to be out of sight, but not out of mind. Fortunately many of our friends from “back home” spend a lot of time Up North, so that makes it easier to maintain those bonds even though we’re not steeped in their everyday lives like we used to be....

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The Intoxicating Appeal of a Beautiful Beer Brand

My relationship with beer – a strong, enduring one – began in high school while sneaking cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon out of my dad’s stash in the basement. Yes, my dad drank PBR, before it was cool and because it was cheap.

I really like beer, but by no means am I a beer connoisseur. Be it a stout, IPA, lager, pilsner, or porter, my reaction is almost always the same: “Umm, that’s good.”

After moving to Traverse City I think my beer palette has improved, and I’ve enjoyed and appreciated the diverse craft beer options offered up by the...

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The Future May be Bright, But Today is All that Matters

“It goes so fast.” “This is the best age.” If you have small kids, you’ve heard this advice from other parents – oftentimes complete strangers – who have adult children. It’s typically unsolicited, and doled out in a public place in the midst of a tantrum. “Enjoy them now – it doesn’t get any easier.” You nod and smile politely, thanking the elder for such sage advice as you drag your little one by the arm from the restaurant or store while whispering threats through clenched teeth about taking away treats or TV. You sense, but ignore, the disapproving glances of onlookers as the tantrum intensifies. A...

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