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Happy Mother’s Day

We’d like to wish all mothers a very happy (and restful!) Mother’s Day. There is no job more important, and no job that – at times – is more thankless. So we want to thank you for all you do. Today we’re happy to share this beautiful post about a mother’s love by Annie Niessink. There are many facets to our relationship with Annie. She is an endless well of information about Traverse City – where to go, who to call, what to do. She cracks us up with her killer sense of humor. She’s a kind, generous friend always willing to lend a helping hand. And she lovingly cares for our girls so that we can occasionally sneak out for a much-needed drink! Enjoy.

My girls have been anxious about the upcoming Mother’s Day. “What do you want?” and “Who will take us shopping?” I keep reassuring them that I don’t need anything and all I want is for them to be kind human beings. And then I realized how broad, general and for the most part, unfair, that answer was. So I decided to break it down…

I want you to be who you are, love who you are, take pride in who you are and be the only one who defines who you are, which will change, probably, more than you’ll expect.

I want you to learn how to ask for help and realize that when you do, you not only are helping yourself, but you are helping the person you asked feel needed and purposeful. Also, if someone has a heart attack on the Ferris wheel at the midway, make sure you know CPR and help them or hold a car accident victim’s hand until the ambulance gets there. I promise you, it will stay with you always. Someday, when you’ve crafted your helping skills, sometimes all that is necessary is to just be present and offer a little nudge.

I want you to make sure you can afford fruit and vegetables before you buy coach purses and Oakley sunglasses.

I want you to ask a million questions and then a million more. Feed your curiosity like a lion.

I want you to know that a teaching degree might turn into a nanny job, into an organizing job, into a cottage business, into a law degree and even though it doesn’t look like the timeline you create for yourself when you were sixteen, if it awakes your soul each morning, you are doing something right. Similarly, the man, or woman, or alien of your dreams wearing a three piece suit and driving a BMW might be disguised in a pick up truck and a fishing t-shirt.

I want you to be grateful and filled with joy and on the minutes, or hours, or days that you’re not, it’s okay to throw yourself on the floor and cry and cry and cry…as long as you pick yourself back up.

I want you to have a best friend who you can tell everything to, so the burden of your hardships and secrets and flaws are shared. Also, it’s nice to know that someone on this earth remembers your favorite song, movie, and type of cookie.

Mostly, I just want you to know how proud I am to call myself your mother and that, along with a love letter and an uninterrupted shower, are more than I could ever ask for.

Love, Mom

Annie Niessink is a mother of two teenage girls, lover of fast cars, slow treadmills and underwear folded in thirds. She will try and dazzle you with movie quotes, song lyrics and the art of folding a fitted sheet. A firm believer in pausing for the sunset, noticing the best part and copious amounts of cheese.

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