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inciting incidents in life, traverse city, pruning things from life, asking for help, waking up to life's signals
Importance of habits and routines, Traverse City, secrets of success, how to get ahead

Potential and Hard Work are Table Stakes. In the Game of Life, Habits and Routines are What Really Matter.

The obstacle is the way, what stands in the way is the way, stoicism, overcoming obstacles, tackling challenges, traverse city, obstacle to opportunity

Obstacle to Opportunity: A Book, a Blog, a Parable, and a Podcast to Help Get Unstuck

Thinking differently, Work and retirement, mini-retirements, rejecting conventional wisdom, Traverse City

What if I Did the Opposite? Thinking Differently about Work, Family and Retirement

Traverse City, living freely, how to be free, principles of a life well lived

Be Free: Principles in Pursuit of a Life Well Lived